Joya Essentials Ultrasonic Diffuser and Essential Oils Gift Set



Featuring our New Essential Oil Blend from our Mindfulness Collection - I am Harmony essential oil blend.

I am Harmony Essential Oil Blend- This is a divine blend of exquisite florals, and sweet and woodsy botanicals that will enliven your senses and take you on a walk down a marvelous flower garden.
As you take a whiff off the citrusy and green notes, feelings of joy and peace energy arise. This essential oil blend is ideal for use in a diffuser during meditation or any mindfulness practice to enjoy and connect with more peace and harmony in your life. This is a pure essential oil blend and it does not have any carrier oils. You may add a carrier oil to use in massage, bath, pillow spray, roll-on blend,etc.


1x ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER - Light and color settings | 150 ml capacity | Advanced ultrasonic diffusion | Automatic power- off|

1x - 5 ML LAVENDER - 100% Pure Lavender Essential oil | Organic

1x - 5 ML ORANGE - 100% Pure Orange Essential oil | Organic




See Below for what each Essential Oil does. 


Lavender essential oil is one of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy.  Known for its remarkable skin healing abilities, its lovely soothing aroma, and its sleep inducing action, it is certainly a must in any natural medicine cabinet.

Lavender oil is useful in many applications like burns, wounds, rashes, stings, bug bites as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Use it in lotions or oil blends and massage onto areas prone to muscle tightness for soothing pain relief.

The natural compounds found in organic lavender reduce stress-related tension, feelings of distress, anguish or angst. It is ideal to use after a long strenuous day to de-stress and decompress. Try adding a drop of lavender oil to a hot bath to ease the nerves and promote relaxation or add a few drops in the diffuser for a sweet, floral aroma that spreads peace and joy!

Lavender oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and can be used to resolve athlete's foot when combined with tea tree oil.  Another great way to use lavender is in your laundry! Minimize odors and add a fresh scent to clean clothes by placing a few drops on a dryer sheet.

Product Details

Botanical name: Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Himalayas in high altitude
Extraction method: steam distilled
Plant part: flowers
Cultivation: organic
Note: Middle
Aroma: floral, sweet, fresh, herbal

Color: clear

Properties and Benefits

Provides pain relief
Helps reduce inflammation and swelling
Fights against bacteria and fungus
Helps relieve stress and anxiety
Calms nerves and anxiousness
Soothes tension and depression
Provides emotional support
Relieves tension headaches
Soothes burns and accelerates the healing process
Healing for scars and promotes cell regeneration
Sedative - induces restful sleep
Boosts immune system
Soothes red, itchy or irritated skin
Provides seasonal support
Tonic - Promotes vitality

Emotional Energetics

Calms the mind from mental or emotional agitation or unrest, reviving and nurturing the spirit when one feels emotionally depleted. Provides feelings of comfort and alleviates fears and irritability.

Blends well with

Orange, lemon, grapefruit, palmarosa, clary sage, geranium, German chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and teat tree.


Non-toxic and non-irritating and non-sensitizing 


Let the bright, sunny essence of sweet orange uplift and energize your mind and body! Cold pressed from the rinds of Citrus sinensis oranges, this essential oil refreshes the spirit and circulates positive energy. It is a natural mood lifter and antidepressant, and will add a sweet citrus aroma to any room when used in a diffuser. You can even place a few drops of this orange into a spray bottle of water and use it as a freshening room spray. Orange has been shown to be helpful in pain blends as it helps speed up absorption to the skin for faster action and healing.

Orange essential oil is well known as a digestive tonic, helping to relieve gas, bloating, abdominal pain and constipation. The Chinese were the first to discover its medicinal properties thousands of years ago and it is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Product Details

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
Origin: South Africa
Extraction method: cold-pressed
Plant part: peel
Cultivation: organic
Note: top 
Aroma: sweet, citrus, fresh
Color: orange

Properties and Benefits

Eases spasms and cramps
Use in massage to help break up cellulite 
Relieves constipation, gas and bloating
Soothes anxiety and nervousness 
Supports digestive system
Stimulates immune support
Has antibacterial and antiviral properties
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Has a calming effect  and can support sleep

Emotional Energetics

Orange is ideal for those who take life or work too seriously and forget how to enjoy life, laugh and be playful and embrace every part of who they are. It is useful in helping one take on new challenges, reducing fears and self-doubt that tends to creep in when starting something new.

Blends well with

Frankincense, lemon, grapefruit, lavender, vetiver, juniper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, 


Non-toxic. Always dilute before skin use.
May cause skin irritation for sensitive individuals.
Can cause sun sensitivity if exposed to sun after using. Wait 12 hours before sun exposure. Maximum dilution: 1-2% or 10-12 drops per 1 ounce of carrier oil. 

I Am Harmony

Featuring New Mindfulness Collection ~ New Product Release

I AM HARMONY "Peaceful Blend" is a 100% pure essential oil blend of delightful florals, sweet citrus, and green woodsy notes that come together in a beautiful way to promote inner peace and balance to the heart chakra or heart center. Artfully crafted and blended to empower the connection of mind, body and the beautiful spirit within you.
I Am Harmony is a blend of Vetiver, Siberian Fir, Chamomile, Cypress, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium.

This blend is intended to help you with emotional and spiritual healing of the heart center using the gentle and subtle energetic vibes of essential oils combined with suggested daily affirmations. Ideal for use in your daily mindfulness practice, meditation or affirmations.
The Heart Center or Heart Chakra is the part within us that is able to embody love for self and others, trust, compassion, forgiveness and connection with others. 

Much like our hormones, the heart center can be under-active or over-active depending on your particular experiences, repressed or suppressed emotions or feelings that need healing. Many chakra imbalances also manifest as physical illnesses and others manifest as emotions such as anger. Read below to see if this blend can help you heal your heart center.  

This blend is for you if the following is true for you:

Find it hard to forgive others
Have feelings of resentment for people in your past
Hold a grudge and find it difficult to let go
Feelings of jealousy, envy or bitterness
Feelings of suffocation in a relationship 
Find it hard to give and receive love freely 
Giving too much of yourself, over-loving
Feeling overwhelmed with your emotions
Have a hard time saying no or setting boundaries
Overly critical of yourself or you often self-sabotage 
Have a fear of rejection or fear of being alone
Feel disconnected from your emotions 
Put up walls when connecting with others
Have a hard time expressing feelings and emotions
Being Codependent or possessiveness
Have closed your heart to love or your heart feels empty

Ways to use I AM Harmony Blend

Diffuse: add 4-5 drops in diffuser to invoke inner peace, and enhance meditation, affirmations, visualization, yoga or the type of mindfulness practice you prefer.

Bath: add 1-2 drops to a hot bath or in epson salts for a relaxing bath. 

Roller ball blend: add 3-6 drops in a roller bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil. Apply to your heart chakra, temples or wrists. The Heart Chakra is located at the flat center part of your chest.

Massage: add 6-10 drops to 1oz of carrier oil (like Jojoba) and use as a body oil to moisturize or massage. You can also apply to your heart chakra and massage gently using with your mindfulness practice or intention. 

Room or pillow spray: add 5-6 drops in a spray bottle, add 8oz of distilled water. 
Shake well and spray in your space.


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