Sleeping Bear Press Children's Books Memoirs Bundle


Four Great Titles!

Memoirs of a Goldfish

Memoirs of a Hamster

Memoirs of a Parrot

Memoirs of a Tortoise

Interest level : 1st to 4th Grade Readers

Memoirs of a Goldfish - With his bowl all to himself Goldfish loves life until one day; fun for the whole family ensues when life changes for this goldfish as a bubbler, snail and all sorts of surprises enter his life. Be careful what you wish for.

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)

Memoirs of a Hamster - Seymour the hamster has it all! Life could not be better until Pearl, the cat, tells him what he is missing outside his cage. Would you trust the cat? Life isn't always greener…

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)

Memoirs of a ParrotJoin a brilliant, but stubborn, parrot as he endures the banality of the pet store before being purchased by an equally insufferable young man. But while things between parrot and owner get off to a rocky start, the delights of having a pet (or human) bring them both around in the end.

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)

Memoirs of a Tortoise - "This gentle, poignant, and humorous story presents the themes of friendship, loss, and appreciation of life’s moments…The story is both heart-rending and uplifting as Oliver leads readers on a tortoise-speed journey of his quiet moments in the garden and his graceful acceptance of change…An unusual and wonderful gem." Starred Kirkus Reviews

Oliver the tortoise has had his human, Ike, for a very, very long time now. In fact, they're the same age--80 years old--and practically twins. They both enjoy the slowness of the garden, cool water from the hose on a hot day, and a nice slice of honeydew melon. But when Ike stops visiting the garden, Oliver wonders why his pet has left him so soon. So he makes the long journey to see his mother ten gardens away--she will certainly have the answer.

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)