Oak & Olive/Picnic Plus Cork Caddy Various


Themes: Adirondack Chair, Wine Bottle, Camper, Cat, Dog, Duck, Elephant, Fishing Basket, Farm House, Flamingo, Pineapple, Hermit Crap, Lighthouse, Mermaid, Moose, Owl, Pelican, Pig, Peacock, Rowboat, Sailboat, Sea Horse, Turtle or Lg Wine Barrel

Corks not included, thats the fun part!

Our Cork Caddy. A fun conversation piece that looks great on a mantel. Various finishes and dimensions. Perfect for every wine lover. 

Adirondack Chair Holds 35 corks

Wine Bottle Holds 90 corks

Camper Holds 150 corks

Cat Holds 55 corks

Dog Holds 55 corks

Duck Holds 45 corks

Elephant Holds 54 corks

Fishing Basket Holds 80 corks

Farm House Holds 150 corks

Flamingo Holds 40 corks

Pineapple Holds 100 corks

Hermit Crab Holds 85 corks

Lighthouse Holds 80 corks

Mermaid Holds 45 corks

Moose Holds 45 corks

Owl Holds 55 corks

Pelican Holds 80 corks

Pig Holds 50 corks

Peacock Holds 45 corks

Rowboat Holds 80 corks

Sailboat Holds 60 corks

Sea Horse Holds 55 corks

Turtle Holds 75 corks

Lg Wine Barrel Holds 140 corks