Shell Hyacinth Straw Bag, with Blush Tassels


Nature has never stopped to inspire us, especially the sea and its fascinating creatures. Inspired by the beautiful shapes of shells we found in Balinese exotic beaches, we designed our Shell bag made of dried Water Hyacinth leaves we harvested from riverbanks in Java island. The Water Hyacinth surface character is soft and very comfortable to hold, completed with satin inner lining.

We work closely with artisans communities in Central Java to collect the Water Hyacinth leaves. Water Hyacinth is a type of riverbank weeds that grow very quickly and often cause flood. To prevent flood, people used to harvest these plants and burn them, causing massive air pollutions. It's so amazing that today, our artisan communities can work together to harvest them and turn them into beautiful bags and even furnitures that has new valuable purposes.

Bag details:
• Width : around 11.5 inches
• Height : around 10.5 inches
• Depth :  around 3.5 inches