How CosmoKomet came to be...


CosmoKomet is a family affair. It all started with a daddy-daughter breakfast the day after Thanksgiving in 2016. Dad (Chris) was thinking of a project that he could do with his family and wanted his daughters (Sam) input. After having lots of conversations, they decided to have a business breakfast at a local diner while Mom (Heather) was working. It was at that diner, that CosmoKomet was born! 

This is the original idea for a logo and name. After enjoying a great breakfast, Chris and Sam went home and Sam got out her Idea Book where they started working on the brands name and better logos. They also decided to change it from KosmoComet to CosmoKomet.

After awhile they settled on a logo and then it was just a question of timing.


CosmoKomet is the go to place for young minded women. We want to offer unique products that you wont find everywhere. We want you to come back often and therefore will be adding products as often as possible. We realize that your time is precious and many times the only time you get to yourself is either at the beginning or end of your day. We want to be there for you to scroll thru as you look for items for yourself, your family or gifts for friends.

We strive for balance between luxury and price sensitive items that are unique. We do our best of bring awareness to new brands or items that you might not have seen before. We hope you are able to find items for you and your family that are exciting and different.

Thank you