Lamo Bellona II Boot Womens Shoes 5-11 Multiple Colors



Think of the Bellona II as an upgraded version of the classic, ankle high winter boot everyone's come to love. Setting it apart from the rest is the attention to detail given to its overall structure and design. Angled seams, a curved rubberlon flex outsole, and a comfort notch at the front of the collar all allow for more natural, unrestricted movement in the boot; especially when trekking around outside. Unlike other short winter boots, the upper on the Bellona II is made of a rich cow suede, which is slightly tougher and better at retaining shape than other materials - without sacrificing any comfort. Premium faux fur lining delivers coveted slipper-like softness and keeps feet warm and dry in cold, wet conditions. Throw them on with your favorite pair leggings or a stylish boyfriend pant. Either way, the Bellona II is a shoe-in for your go-to short boot - for any season.

Features and Benefits

  • Cow Suede Upper
  • Premium Faux Fur Lining
  • Lamo Rubberlon Comfort-Flex Outsole