Sleeping Bear Press Children's Books Alphabet Fun Bundle


 Can U Save The Day

A isn't for Fox
Hannah's Tall Order

Books are suitable for 1st & 2nd Grade Readers

Can U Save The Day - B is an awfully boastful bloke and when he and the rest of the alphabet get together, he can't help but tease the vowels about their small numbers. So the vowels begin to take off, one by one. The consonants--and the rest of the farm--see just how important vowels really are. With disaster looming and B seeing the error of his ways, can U save the day and set the alphabet right again?

11" w x 9" h 1 lb (Made in USA) 

A Isn't for Fox - An all-time favorite with bold and bright images, humorous illustrations, and rhyming text that demonstrate what the letters of the alphabet DO NOT stand for! One of Audrey's top picks!

10" w x 10" h 1 lb (Made in USA) 

Hannah's Tall Order - Hannah stops in to her local sandwich shop and asks Mr. McDougal to create an A-Z sandwich. Will he have all of the ingredients she asks for and can he keep up with her ingredient list? Who knew that you could make an alphabet sandwich? It might be something to try at home!

9" w x 11" h 1 lb (Made in USA)