Sleeping Bear Press Children's Books STEM Bundle


Four Great Titles!

A is for Astronaut

Winged Wonders
Experiment #256 Letters from Space

All books suitable for 2nd & 3rd Grade Readers

A is for Astronaut - A is for Astronaut is a great book for the older siblings of the mini-nauts that love Letters from Space! Space has been called “the final frontier” and for most of us, the top job in that frontier is that of astronaut! In A is for Astronaut: Blasting Through the Alphabet, retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson takes readers on an A-Z tour explaining not only what it means to be an explorer in space but also the science (and dangers) of space flight. Topics include the history behind and ongoing mission of NASA, famous astronauts and their missions, equipment and innovations, and explanations of key terminology.

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)

Winged Wonders - For decades, as the monarch butterflies swooped through every year like clockwork, people from Canada to the United States to Mexico wondered, "Where do they go?" In 1976 the world learned the answer: after migrating thousands of miles, the monarchs roost by the millions in an oyamel grove in Central Mexico's mountains. But who solved this mystery? Was it the scientist or the American adventurer? The citizen scientists or the teacher or his students? Winged Wonders shows that the mystery could only be solved when they all worked as a team--and reminds readers that there's another monarch mystery today, one that we all must work together to solve.

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)

Experiment #256 - an is wild about science experiments and for his latest (number 256) he's building a jet pack for his dog, Wilbur--the leftover parts shouldn't be anything to worry about, right? When Wilbur dons his new pack and blasts off, he leave a swath of chaos in his wake and nobody is happy, Wilbur least of all. What's a budding inventor to do?

11"w x 9"h 1 lb (Made in USA)

Letters From Space - Written by retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson, Letters from Space takes a humorous look at Anderson's 155 days on the ISS (International Space Station). Budding scientists and future astronauts will chuckle at the chatty letters and the behind-the-scenes peek at life in space! Science, Anderson's personal experiences, and fun facts are shared through letters from space. "This must-purchase entertains with a combination of zany art, humor, and solid facts for fascinated young readers craving space travel—even the armchair kind." School Library Journal Anderson is also the author of A is for Astronaut: Blasting through the Alphabet for children 6 - 10.

11" w x 9" h 1 lb (Made in USA)