Xactly Lithium - Wireless 10000 MaH Power Bank Black

Color: Black

Xactly Lithium 10,000 MaH Wireless Charging Power Bank | UL Certified | Charges devices wirelessly | Integrates with all XACTLY bags-Integrates with all XACTLY bags for built-in wired and wireless charging-Our Lithium line power banks are built to last longer than 3 charges of a standard device. With 10,000 mAh, you'll be able to spend 3x as long adventuring before plugging your power bank back into a wall. Say goodbye to searching for outlets!-Compatible with all new devices and phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, and many more-Includes 1 Lithium Wireless Power Bank, XACT knit woven carrying pouch, USB C charging cable, Lifetime Warranty-Why Xactly Life: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. And a portion of every sale helps us to bring clean drinking water to those in need through our partnership with planet-water.org-XACTLY is committed to 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and helping you explore our beautiful planet. We're also committed to improving it. As a for-profit, for-good company, we have started creating partnerships with charitable foundations that are changing the world.